Monthly Archives: January 2006

Chat rooms – to be avoided like the plague?

Guardian Unlimited’s gamesblog has an interesting thread on chat room abuse. Although ‘Discrimination emerges in WoW?‘ focuses on web chat for video games networks, it highlights the experience of many web users.

The comments about xbox live emphasises how abusive audio ‘chat rooms’ can be. Of the three times I’ve visited a well known portal’s chat room, I’ve been stunned at the amount of abuse people dish out.

Is it the case that text only chat rooms are the way forward because a user’s comments are accountable / more ‘permanent’?

Imagine the impact of a statement at a chat room’s entry point that said, ‘Please be aware: some conversations will be recorded for training purposes.’ I’d be willing to bet my Nicorette patch that abuse would be cut by more than half. More ‘policed’ environments might attract more online marketers.