Fruit Pastels TV ad

The beat boxer featured in the new Fruit Pastels ad is Killa Kela. Think ‘The Streets’ but with talent.

Bit of a dark choice for a kids sweet. The ad is timed nicely with his new single ‘Secrets’.

Can’t find the ad anywhere, but…

UPDATE 13/07/06:

I seem to be getting some serious traffic from people looking for the Killa Kela Fruit Pastels TV ad.

Should I start a petition for the ad agency to place the ad on the web?

Leave a comment on this post and I’ll send all contributions to the agency concerned (in the 000’s so far based on visits).

If I get 100 comments / requests for the ad to be released, we should get somewhere. LEAVE A COMMENT!

2 thoughts on “Fruit Pastels TV ad

  1. kenobi

    It is innit? I saw him ‘play’ at the launch party for Playstation’s Tekken 4 at the Roundhouse. Awesome.

    Any idea if the ad has been ripped? Not seen it on yet.

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