Monthly Archives: May 2006

American Express Red and Bono

I can’t help but get a sour taste in my mouth when reading about the new American Express Red charity credit card.

Corporate social responsibility or a PR exercise.

And as for the Independent takeover front page…

There’s nothing new in an advertiser buying false covers, but at least the boundaries are clear. The front page broke new ground, but was this a commercial / ad deal? The takeover effectively pushes the charity / card.

Content question No.1: newsletter

Are standards slipping at

It’s ‘Breaking tech news’ email newsletter has been subject to some duff content of late.

The leader on today’s newsletter discussed Creative’s attempt to sue Apple over it’s ipod interface.

The leader ends with a comment that questions Creative’s attempt to be number one in the MP3 player space, then it “has another think coming.”

I won’t go into details (well, unless I’m asked – which is doubtful given my shockingly poor traffic figures) but a leader recently questioned the motivations of a local council which approved planning permission for a company.

To mix my metaphors, the alarm bells rang on my news editor’s hat.

The council in question would, in my view, been justified in pursuing the potentially accusatory leader with their legal team.

If I was the news editor on

Google rumours about currency

When will online publishers allow users to download lone articles, even at a premium? I don’t want to commit to a whole year’s subscription of, or the, BUT I do want to access the odd feature.

I put this to the cohort of content gurus on in this post and touched on micropayments and whether Google or PayPal had what it takes to take this area of the market and run with it. Then someone mentioned Google Currency.

Possibly true / more than likely to be rumour, but this would be huge. Beanz (remember them?) showed promise but fell by the wayside. Perhaps it’s time for ‘Google dollars’…