Feedburner is costing me traffic

Watching my stats, I notice that lots of visitors (including some from BBC.co.uk) are abandoning sign up to my newsletter / alerts once they’re asked to sign up for a Feedburner account. Why?

Is it that painful? Should I change provider?

2 thoughts on “Feedburner is costing me traffic

  1. Traci

    Hi there! FeedBurner doesn’t require subscribers to sign up for a FeedBurner account. Can you let us know if something funky is going on? Shoot an email to feedback at feedburner.com.

    Thanks for using FeedBurner!

  2. kenobi

    Blimey – that was quick. Three and a half hours after I post this query, I get a response from Feedburner.

    Behold a blog management / PR machine in action.

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