Tenuous links – a column by a Telegraph blogger

On this week’s theme of columns (yes – there’s more), a blog by David Derbyshire, consumer affairs correspondent for the Telegraph uses a very familiar structure.

Like Victor Lewis-Smith, David uses what seems at first to be an unrelated event or observation to lead into his argument.

A general grumble on how self-service is becoming the norm among high street retailers, the column kicks off with an observation on how useless train announcements can be. He then moves onto other odd and/or contradictory phrases in life. This then brings us onto the final contradictory word, ‘convenience’, which nicely relates to a discussion on ‘self-service’. Phew.

In my opinion, this is approach is a tad risky if you’re under a deadline. It’s also a gamble on getting these tenuous links to work together. And it can get a little tired if it’s used day in day out – your readers will get used to the formula (read five of VLS’ Evening Standard articles to see what I mean). Only the most professional of writers can pull this off, but when it works, it works well.