MySpace considering print magazine with Nylon

A sure sign that another boom is upon us is when dotcoms look to extend their presence offline with a magazine or, gulp, a book.

The news that MySpace is considering teaming up with print magazine Nylon is interesting given that many have tried this before. Remember the Yahoo Internt Life, Live4Now or print magazine spin offs?

The mag is said to cover in-depth profiles of MySpace users, which does make sense given that longer features and case studies work better marginally on a printed page than they seem to online. But is there any real mileage in this? Will the content be valueable enough to attract mainstream advertisers?

MySpace is a weird and wonderful community of users and you can see how some of the heavier users might want to learn more (ie features on improving your ‘space’, blogging tips etc). But will they go for a print title?

Sites with major communities like World of Warcraft has countless spin offs, but they’re all online, no doubt because the majority of typical WoW users are white male 20 or 30 something heavy web users. Perhaps MySpace are hoping the diversity of their users (no doubt bliss and Nuts readers) means they’ll appreciate an offline title – but again, these same users are now going online to get their content for free rather than buy a print magazine updated only once a week.

MySpace should instead focus its efforts on producing a ‘best of’ online magazine – a ‘published’ or editorially filtered showcase of user content with editorial opinion and selection. This is where online magazines like are going after all. Surely, MySpace is in an excellent position to beat everyone at their own game?

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3 thoughts on “MySpace considering print magazine with Nylon

  1. Anonymous

    I don’t remember Yahoo Internet Life but the others, memory lane friends, memory lane.

    Are they really going to do a magazine? Well, look at parent company News Corporation (Nylon talks aside) they know a fair bit about publishing, but given the market is volatile and shrinking (in most publishing sectors) they might be barking up the wrong tree.

  2. kenobi

    Exactly my point. Newspaper and magazine circulations both are dropping. Sneak magazine in the UK closed after the publisher admitted that people were going online for their celebrity news – for free.

    An online magazine would be far easier to sell in as a concept to advertisers – which may have something to do with the reasoning behind the print mag. Do advertisers still not ‘get’ online advertising? Especially when it comes to the social networking arena? Selling ad space on the ‘front page’ of an online magazine is a much easier sell.

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