Monthly Archives: September 2006 recruits 70,000 users

Mark Sweney of reports that social networking site Univillage estimates that it’s so far recruited 70,000 of this year’s University freshers.

Brent Hoberman, non-executive director at Univillage also believes that it’s on course to sign up 90 per cent of new uni starters (that’s around 400,000 people) by November.

Although there’s no clarification on whether that means November 2006, that’s still a massive target. They’re to be applauded if they achieve it, especially in the face of major competition from the rest of the social networking market.

I’d be curious as to how they intend to do this. Guerilla marketing, email marketing, freebies, gig sponsorships? If they pull it off, I’d love to see a campaign case study of some sort in Revolution or New Media Age magazine.