Can MySpace really halt the decline of teen print mags?

I wouldn’t normally admit to reading the Independent, but I was so moved by an article I read over someone’s shoulder, I just had to share.

Teen users are ditching print mags in favour of websites. The editor of CosmoGIRL thinks she’s come up with a solution to stem the tide: create a CosmoGIRL profile on MySpace, in addition to the magazine’s own site. That way, users will be able to engage with the magazine.

The interviewer, encouragingly, questions whether it’s sensible to send the user to another platform. It seems to be a risk worth taking apparently.

No, I’m sorry – although this may provide a temporary reprieve, print readers will still eventually decline. The editor, Celia Duncan, suggests that users are gagging to be one of the few user comments listed on the magazine’s page. Ok – now what? It doesn’t generate any revenue. At best, this site will provide traffic for – but that’s it surely? Will this really save the print mag?

A foot note: in researching this post I initially input Interesting to see how much more edgy / authentic this post compares to the official CosmoGIRL profile. This is a prime example of how a commercially generated space needs to be pitch perfect. It’s so easy to get it wrong.

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