Monkeymag is here. Yay?

After months of waiting,, Dennis Publishing’s online magazine for boys is here.

The verdict: nice new technology, same old content.

Well, new in the sense that as well as offering a ‘virtual magazine’ form of navigation, it includes video and interactive elements. Sadly, when it comes to content it’s same old same old.

If Dennis is trying to crack the Nuts / Zoo market and steal a march on their eventual focus on the web (will the print versions still be selling 100,000 a week in a year’s time?), then great, objective acheived.
I was, however, hoping that Dennis would take this opportunity to move on in terms of content , not just repackage the usual girls, gadgets and g…sport. Okay, it’s cheap, but give the reader at least one feature to read at length.

This might explain why is doing so well. Despite the focus on music, it appears to be the only refuge for teen male audiences looking for well crafted writing.

P.S. My machine kept grinding to a halt when I tried to flick through pages in quick succession. Be interested to hear anyone else’s thoughts on
***UPDATE! Monkeymag had a profile…then it didn’t! Find out more***

One thought on “Monkeymag is here. Yay?

  1. Anonymous

    Not sure whether I’d go along with “nice new technology” – it loads slowly, it’s unreadable, the ads aren’t even hyperlinked and it’s not even archived. Who’s going to PHONE about a digital camera on the screen in front of them?

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