Sky and Google to create video bloging social networking thingy

Are Sky in talks with Google to create a video blogging website?

Falling video equipment costs meant that citizen journalism wouldn’t be limited to the written word or blogs. But judging by what’s being mooted, we might be looking at something YouTube like with a leaning towards news. Will it be a video version of Newsvine or OhMyNews?

It’ll be interesting to see user reaciton to the new site (assuming it does exist). Sure, the Google and Sky partnership will no doubt make it work, but will it be as near professional an experience as say Newsvine?

Okay, Newsvine writers have it easy. The ability to stamp their authority as a credible source is affected by fewer factors than a video report. A video reporter’s approach will have to deal with quality of video production in adddition to the quality of their news gathering.

Will the majority of video news content comprise of shaky celeb ‘spotted’ material? Or could this be a breeding ground for the next generation of reporters for Panorama / 60 minutes?

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