Monthly Archives: January 2007

Monkeymag profile disappears!

How odd. No sooner had I flagged up Monkeymag’s new promo profile, that the profile disappeared!

Monkeymag on – nada! What’s happened? Who? Wha…?

Can anyone fill us in? Has clamped down on what it might deem a ‘commercial’ profile?

‘Teens use social networks to chat’ shocker

An estimated 55 per cent of teen social network members set their profile for viewing by friends only, according to figures reported in New Media Age.

That means that teens (in the US at least) are using social networks to chat among friends they already know.

We’ve always known that email is mainly the refuge of older users (well, older than teens anyway) with younger users communicating via messenger, online chat, blog comments and, yes, social networks. already has users leaving video messages for their friends.

I expect the downmarkets will focus on the other 45 per cent of users e.g. ‘Nearly half of all teens prefer making friends online rather than face to face’. Expect much grumbling from the likes of Boris Johnson and his knee-jerk technophobia.

Monkeymag, MTVFlux and

It appears that someone at Monkeymag has tried their hand at a little social networks marketing on MTVFlux and

Why not add a comment to the MTVFlux profile and make someone’s day?

Good to see that the Carry On franchise is alive and well. Take a look at the Lucy Pinder interview on the profile.

Not sure what’s going on with this monkeymag profile though…