The BBC’s The Verdict


I don’t normally go for reality TV shows (if this really is reality TV), but The Verdict appears to have really caught the imagination of a few people I know. Despite the celeb jury team factor, watching the process of the justice system is undeniably fascinating.

Particularly interesting is watching Michael Portillo repeatedly distance himself from anything Jeffrey Archer says and see Stan Collymore get annoyed with everyone’s ’emotional’ judgements because he may be swayed.
Is this whole exercise part of a plan to push for televised court cases in the UK?

Read more about BBC Verdict.

4 thoughts on “The BBC’s The Verdict

  1. Anonymous

    Wouldn’t it have been a good idea for the actors to play out what really had happened in the hotel so that both the jurors and the judging public at home could have seen if they had come to the correct decision.

  2. H

    Stan Collymore – who, what, why, where and money back?
    Who invited him – He’s a male version of Dannielle Lloyd – an ignorant bully, with a mouth like the Mersey and nothing but biased rubbish coming out of it ?.
    What was the purpose of him – the guy has a history of agression and has been stopped by the court from selling sex videos of himself and his then lover – impartial hardly ?.
    Why was he allowed to dominate by his agressive bullying and overshouting ?.
    Where was it he supposedly went for counselling, anger Management wasn’t it ?
    Give him his money back – he was robbed – he’s still aggressive, out of control and in need of self discipline. The guys attitude and behaviour is a discgrace, send him back to footy.

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