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HMV bet on social networking to improve revenues

HMV is looking to explore social networking to boost digital revenues.
Its digital downloads store / business has been going for ages, but it looks like more is planned.

But will social networking work as a new channel for HMV? I’d be surprised if something branded is launched. Anything that remotely smells of a commerical exercise will turn off users, so will any obvious or overbearing content dedicated to partnerships or advertising (HMV’s said to have set up content partnerships with Universal Music and 20th Century Fox).

Video gaming and music are staple themes for online communities, but will a commercial entity with an obvious interest in selling its wares really be able to develop a community? The blogosphere has well documented the challenge now facing MySpace and YouTube in monetising user generated content.

That said, I can’t wait to see how it’s pitched. Will it be HMV branded or a standalone entity which avoids tainting its appeal with overly commercial content?

Content jobs 12/03/07

Online Content Editor
We are looking for a freelance content writer and editor to work for an established website providing news, reviews and interviews set to style guidelines and policy control.Salary: £150 – £250 per day + on experience. Location: Central London

Content Producer
Lifestyle and Contemporary Factual is one of the BBC?s largest and most successful new media genres, with a portfolio that includes a range of specialist…Location: Greater London

Content Manager – Dutch Speaking
You will analyse customer queries and identify trends. Updating the help pages, monitor customer ratings, reviews and comments.Salary: £38000-43000. Location: South London, West London

Freelance Senior Copywriter
Our client is a multi award winning creative corporate communications company. They are currently looking for a senior copywriter to help work on key projects…Salary: Up to £250 a day. Location: Greater London

Deputy Editor – Financial Corporate
A Deputy Editor required to join the Communications department for a leading financial services establishmentSalary: £40K. Location: Greater London

Editor – B2B
Talented Editor required for established and growing publishing companySalary: £35circ. Location: Greater London

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NatMags launches Jellyfish using Monkeymag format

Replicating the print magazine online is lazy. But it’s probably got a lot to do with maintaining advertising revenues. ‘Virtual paper’ magazines have been doing the rounds for years and have never really worked.

Publishers don’t really understand how the web works (or rather, how to make money on the web), so try to replicate the offline magazine experience online because print ads are the only approach they understand. It’s just a coincidence that the recipe seems to work for the likes of or NatMags’ – they’re essentially offering a print mag which has pages that come alive…and they get to run the same style of print ads.

Then there’s the linear surfing issue. Do users really prefer to be forced to read content in a left to right, magazine page way? This might be handy for older users who are familiar with old media ie print magazines, newspapers, but teens have grown up with content served up in ‘surf in any order’ web pages.

These virtual mags are popular, but they can be read in 10 mins. They don’t offer deep content. Users can get lost in an archive of web pages and read for hours. Search doesn’t seem to lend itself well to virtual magazines, each of which is ringfenced and positioned as a standalone package of content.

I’d love to see the results of any user testing…

Monkeymag profile doesn’t disappear!

Monkeymag, the first major web only launch by a publishing house, now has it’s own MySpace page. And there’s me thinking they took it down.

Take a moment to visit the profile and savour the Monkeymag experience. Alas, no references to dodgy Jordan videos, but piles of other stuff on laydeez nonetheless.

Monkey magazine

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been away for a break (hence the lack of new posts), but the latest editions of appear to have toned down the more controversial content don’t you think? Are the reported queries by advertisers beginning to take effect?

*As for content updates – business as usual from today*