Monkeymag profile doesn’t disappear!

Monkeymag, the first major web only launch by a publishing house, now has it’s own MySpace page. And there’s me thinking they took it down.

Take a moment to visit the profile and savour the Monkeymag experience. Alas, no references to dodgy Jordan videos, but piles of other stuff on laydeez nonetheless.

2 thoughts on “Monkeymag profile doesn’t disappear!

  1. Dennis

    Hello, thanks for writing about Monkey, we noticed your posts back when we launched but you’ve really been keeping an eye on us! Anyhow, yes we did have a MySpace profile before but MySpace deleted our old account without warning or explanation. And then some joker grabbed our /monkeymagazine profile name. So we started a new one, what else can you do?

  2. kenobi

    Glad I’m on your radar. I’d be interested to know a little more about your plans coming up. E.g. are you planning on introducing more UGC or forums?

    Re MySpace, I actually emailed the owner of this monkeymagazine profile a while back. He said he hadn’t heard of the magazine before and that he’d take a look. What’s the score with that? I’d imagine it’s mildly annoying, but what happens if this guy starts exploiting the association and his content starts getting huge amounts of traffic? How would you approach that?

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