Channel4’s Popworld Pulp pulled

Channel4’s Pulp magazine has been shelved after just two issues, resulting in the loss of 14 jobs at contract publisher Brooklands Group.

The magazine, which was described as being Brooklands biggest project to date in October last year, sold just 9,000 issues, despite very strong interest by readers and the industry before launch, according to the MediaGuardian. Popworld Pulp had a print run of 130,000 copies.

Brooklands was brave in bailing early rather than trying to battle on through and “prove the market wrong”, but it must now get more information on why it failed with readers.

I’m surpised I’ve not seen more comment on how Pulp’s closure reinforces the idea that web is now preferred over print among web savvy 16 to 24 year olds (the mag’s target audience).

Given the time and effort Brooklands spent on marketing , not to mention Channel4’s TV spots, does Pulp’s demise represent an important watershed? Or is this an example of how digital needs to play at least some part when targeting this age group? The likes of Dennis (Monkeymag) and Natmags (Jellyfish) seem to be focusing on digital only launches after all.

Was there a plan to launch a supporting website for Pulp? Was it planned for issue 3? Was a seeding MySpace profile proposed at all?