Future publishing appoints Richard Foster as digital director

It seems Future is getting its digital ducks in order after appointing Richard Foster of behavioural targeting firm Revenue Science.

Can Foster help squeeze more revenue from Future’s 3.5 million unique users? Only time will tell.

It’s interesting to recall Foster’s frustration with advertisers in a New Media Age (NMA) article back in December 2006. Apparently there was still a lack of understanding of behavioural targeting and its benefits a whole year after its arrival in the UK in 2005.

For those of you who are still none the wiser, behavioural targeting uses cookies to track the behaviour of users across multiple websites and is another way to “serve inventory like search and contextual advertising”, according to the NMA piece.

So basically taking what Double Click does with ads and applying it to web magazine content the user may like or is it just about the ads publishers display?

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