10 (REALLY OBVIOUS) reasons why brands should think like publishers

Okay, the bit about looking into branded desktop apps smells like the branded baseball caps I used to get while a new media journalist, but Mitchel Ahern provides some good advice on iMedia Connection nonetheless.

Reading this, I realised how little clients fully exploit social media and supposed web 2.0 platforms. The basic mantra of ‘go to where your customers are’, whether that’s IM or social media platforms should be a no brainer. Hoo-hah. As someone playing a blind man once said.

Read ’10 Reasons Brands Should Think Like Publishers’ in full.

One thought on “10 (REALLY OBVIOUS) reasons why brands should think like publishers

  1. Mitchel Ahern

    Indeed, the concept of “really obvious” is a core difficulty. Practitioners of Web 2.0 marketing arts are generally so far ahead of the curve that when speaking with potential clients they can easily go right over their heads. It helps to relate everything back to some sort of ROI basics.

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