news round-up’s decision to publish a round-up of the day’s news just before lunchtime makes common sense.

It’s clear what they’re trying to do, what with the bold: ‘TODAY’S HEADLINES WE SCAN THE PAPERS SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO’ strapline at the top of the day’s headlines.

But one thing – what share of visitors have already read the headlines of the day by the time GQ’s new email newsletter comes out? Assuming’s audience is made up of readers who scan ‘quality’ papers in the morning on the tube or train, how many will click through to the news round up? How many, for example, will have already scanned the headlines or got a round up elsewhere and want the full story?

I’m not stirring – as someone with an interest in making content work, I’m genuinely interested in the motivation behind the service, and importantly, whether it’s delivering.