Banning Facebook won’t stop people wasting time

A big sigh went up across the contentcontent team today after reading yet another story about Facebook being banned by an employer.

Staff at a Kent hospital, MediaGuardian reports, have been banned from using Facebook because it’s slowing down the NHS’ computer networks.

Obviously, any potential for services or even, gulp, medical equipment, being affected by an NHS network grinding to a halt is a serious situation. But stories like this pose a bigger question: why do people hate their jobs so much that they’d rather kill time by surfing the web.

Bit of a rhetorical question you may think, but an opinion piece by the Financial Times’ own David Bolchover on Monday (sorry – it’s been a busy week) noted how this isn’t even an issue with the self employed. The reason, he says, is because the government isn’t doing enough to inspire the entrepreneurial spirit in the nation’s workforce. We need to move away from the traditional model of employers penning people up in offices.

We’re doing the article a disservice by this simple introduction and we can’t even link to the article properly because it’s behind the’s subscription wall. A crying shame, as it’s a great piece. Sigh.