Monthly Archives: January 2008

Telegraph website traffic drop for December 2007

Brand Republic reports that the websites of the ‘qualities’ suffered a slight drop in users over the Christmas period. Over a million left The Telegraph website. Nothing to do with its la-de-da readers being more likely to go away for Christmas to Barbados or skiing in Italy or France?

Just a thought. Should they be all that worried?

No one reads anymore according to Steve Jobs

Interesting post on Gawker (so it must be true) which talks about Apple’s disinterest in an Amazon like e-book gadget, given that people don’t read anymore.

Sad, but not completely surprising if we’re honest. Especially the stat: 40 per cent of Americans read one book or less a year.

Read the Gawker post.

Keep web copy short? Tell that to my client

Nice post from the goodcontent blog which points out that the vast majority of web editors are trained in keeping their text tight and to a bare minimum. So advice from Jakob Nielsen is pretty much useless – when you have a client or marketing manager who wants (gnnnugh!) ‘welcome text’.

Read ‘Yes Mr Nielsen, right you are…’ in full.

Greatest copywriting ever – and why

We didn’t spot this post on A List Apart in November…but then we were busy writing copy for two whole websites which the client didn’t tell us needed original content – until four weeks before launch.

Whatever floats your boat – how to copywrite, how to be a copywriter, how to improve your copy, writing good sales copy – this is worth a read.

See how the greatest ever ‘copyshots’ do what they do. Alliteration at A List Apart wins every time.

Read A List Apart’s ‘Greatest Copy Shot Ever Written’ – social network and email aggregator

Jemima Kiss on the Guardian newspaper’s suggests Facebook is sniffing round it but just how popular will Plaxo be?

Sure, it’s annoying having to create multiple profiles on this week’s most popular website, but after a while don’t people just stop signing up to new sites and stick with one simple one they love. And what’s Plaxo’s value going forward? It needs to keep working with tomorrow’s next big thing just to stay relevant – and not all sites will comply (Facebook being an example).

Hats off for bringing a simple version of an RSS aggregator to the masses (get over it – the majority don’t know or want to know what an RSS reader is / does). But it may not have the draw it needs in order unless it works with everyone.

Is the Xbox360 a lemon in waiting now that Warner Bros has signed up to Sony’s Blu-ray?

After holding off buying a new Xbox360 until the January sales, we’re gutted to hear that the future of the console’s format of choice, HD DVD, is now looking a little like the Betamax option.

Now that Warner Bros is reported to have adopted Sony’s Blu-ray format, the PS3’s HD format of choice, is it worth investing in a Premium edition Xbox360? Why buy one if nearly three quarters of film distributors have adopted another format?

This is a major coup for Sony. Does it spell the end for the Xbox consoles given that we’re still years away from downloading all our games, particularly HD games, via the web?

Let’s see what Microsoft says at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.