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iPhone SDK – goodbye all mobiles, Blackberrys, PSPs and Nintendo DS

For once, this is no exaggeration. Any game or service can repurposed for iPhones.

EA developing an iPhone version of Spore in two weeks using CocoaTouch, its iPhone development environment. The mobile phone industry is set to change for ever. Especially when offices pick it up.

Watch this Steve Jobs video – and skip to the examples (around 30 mins in).

Truly incredible.

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Virgin Atlantic runs press trips for bloggers

Paul Charles, comms director of Virgin Atlantic says PR professionals shoudl treat bloggers and online writers the same as print journalists.

Talking to PR Week, he said, ‘The bloggers we ahve approached are delighted that they are being taken seriously.’

I bet they are.

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Newspapers ignoring young audiences says report

“Younger age groups may never acquire the ‘paid-for newspaper habit’,” says a readership trends report Ernst & Young. “Publishers will have to find other means of attracting their attention.”

But the research, as reported in the MediaGuardian says CD giveaways aren’t the way to do it as they fail to address the fact that more than half of the UK’s 15 to 44-year-olds use the internet for their daily information, most of which is free.

So – will more newspapers really have to adopt the freesheet model in years to come to attract younger readers? If so, I dread to think what shoe-string budgets are going to do to the already declining quality of UK newspapers.

Full Guardian story

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Smarties launches Facebook profile – but will it take off?

Another day, another brand setting up a fan profile on Facebook. But a profile page on Facebook does not a social media campaign make.
At the time of writing, 67 users have signed up to the new Smarties profile, which focuses on the reintroduction of blue smarties. It’s all to do with Spirulina apparently (isn’t that naturally green?)
Will events, photos and video content be enough to create a groundswell? The fact that we’re blogging about it doesn’t count – in the context of this blog we’re professional digital media navel gazers.

Corporate websites – how to evolve your ‘irrelevant’ corporate website

Another day, another blog post about the death of the corporate website as we know it. Not literally true, but there’s some good takeaway advice out there nonetheless. My two-penneth is that b2b sites should have included push/pull features long ago.

Read more at Jeremiah’s blog.

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Betfair to shake up financnial trading, commodities and currency markets

Betfair, the peer to peer betting business has registered with the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to offer spread betting facilities as part of a wider plan to revolutionise the way people punt on tghe markets.

Moving things on from its current simple offer of bets on which way the FTSE will move, the company is said to have installed senior investment banker Robin Osmond who is looking to implement technology that can match more trades per second than other existing trading systems – matching 10 times as much, reports the Daily Telegraph.