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Microsoft opts for downloads for Xbox360 – not via Blu-Ray

Aha. So assuming this story is true, Microsoft DOES think downloads are the way forward.

Did the alleged Blu-Ray meeting with Sony and Microsoft not happen? Wonder how retailers will feel about this news? That said, Microsoft could still involve retailers by doing a Valve software thing like they did with HalfLife 2 and release a normal DVD in stores with the rest on the web.

But when all is said and broadbanded…the Xbox360 still won’t play Blu-Ray DVDs like the PS3. giving Monkeymag a run for its money

Big fan of

Despite the odd navigation, it’s a no-nonsense, boiled down version of a lad’s mag – only without the endless references to norks (whatever they are – female narcotics officers?).

BrandRepublic now reports that the site’s attracting 15,000 new users a month, which is seriously impressive. Staff at Dennis’ take note.

If it could just attract more A-lister interviews (not limited to Hollywood celebs) and do more in the business and career space, I’d read it every day. This means touching on, but that’s not a huge problem as its web content has yet to mirror the quality of its print title.

Set up by ex-Men’s Health staffer Will Callaghan in March 2006, the site shows its real value once you get hooked on its refreshingly non-abusive messageboards.

Breaking news: Yahoo to move UK operations to Switzerland

Yahoo is planning to move its European headquarters from London to Geneva, Switzerland, today’s FT reveals.

Claimed to be called “Project Yodel”, the FT’s source mentions corporate tax reasons.

The FT reports that Yahoo said the move was “part of its ongoing international strategy to increase competitiveness and to deliver financial results, performance and efficiency”.

It’s not yet known how many of Yahoo 700 people in the UK will relocate.

Read the full FT story.

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