7 thoughts on “DailyMail.co.uk revamp uses terrifying beta page


    Hi, Kenobi. Funny you should ask. I got to you by following a link from the “Getting Ink” blog. The URL:


    Over at “Getting Ink” Sally (I’m never sure if it is Sally W or Sally M) gave me a link, too. The URL:


    ANYWAY, No. I wasn’t looking for anything about the Daily Mail. I spent a couple of decades in the daily newspaper business in the states and — to make a long story only slightly longer — my business writing now is 100% for digital media.

    The digital media offer me the only markets on the planet where I can do journalism of a sufficient quality that it doesn’t make me sick.

    (I didn’t leave mainstream journalism. Mainstream journalism left journalism.)

    I have an utterly insane (and largely true) story about the Daily Mail. But it would eat up a little more space than I think makes sense for this place where I am writing now.

    (If the links above blow up, just do a search on “Getting Ink” and “Getting Ink Reg Crowder.”)

    Later ….

    Freelance Business Journalist
    London, UK & Brittany, France

  2. kenobi

    Thanks for the insight Reg. Tell me – are you as much a live wire in real life as you seem to be online?!

    Tell me Reg – what do you think of this blog? Do you get anything from it? Would you visit again? What kind of articles do you want to see? Advice? More insider gossip? More opinion on already broken stories?


    Well, I DID COME BACK, so I guess that question is answered.

    Am I a fun guy in real life? More every day.

    It all started when my space ship crashed through the roof of Paddington Station (nobody noticed, that little grocery store next to the platform was having a half-price sale on Cabernet from a vintner in Khazakstan …)

    I checked out the Paddington news stand. Finding no signs of intelligent life, I turned to the internet.

    My newest invention, by the way:



    Freelance Business Journalist
    London, UK & Brittany, France

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