Chris Morris and the CERN particle smasher



I’m still surprised by how few people have heard of the CERN science project.

Perhaps that’s a good thing given the initial panic about the potential for the earth to be swallowed up by a black hole.

Anyhoo, the Guardian yesterday published a special supplment on the project, complete with a truly bizarre article by Chris Morris (of BrassEye and Nathan Barley fame).

Read his article: Massive bosons blew my unit

Also, listen to a CERN podcast about his visit.

4 thoughts on “Chris Morris and the CERN particle smasher

  1. Gia

    Hey! What a surprise! It’s “Crazy” JTankers turning up again to spew nonsense.

    I’s like to ask you again, “Crazy”J, will you put this much effort into APOLOGISING when the LHC is turned on and nothing happens?!

    My guess: no.

  2. Dan

    Wow – a real live post from the wife of DR Brian Cox. I’m honoured!Excellent blog by the way – especially your ‘About’ page: me a favour though gia – keep tabs on that talking about yourself in third person. It’s a slippery slope!

  3. JTankers

    My aim is to hopefully avoid a situation where anyone needs to apologize.

    What is crazy is to play Russian Roulette without knowing if your “instrument” was loaded or not.

    And don’t be fooled, none of us really know with any certainty if we are playing with a loaded “instrument” or not.

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