Blame Sir Clive Sinclair for this blog

I hold the ZX81 entirely responsible for my career in digital media.

You see, after waiting weeks for my first computer to arrive from the catalogue (remember them?), I soon realised that none of the games would load because the audio leads from the tape cassette player to my ZX81 didn’t work properly.

Only, instead of telling my parents to send it back to the catalogue, for some unknown reason I decided to ignore the games completely and learned how to program games for myself.

I was clearly an odd child. I also remember being an avid collector of novelty keyrings and old copies of Look-In magazine.

On that bombshell, BBC Radio 4 has posted an audio interview with the inventor of the ZX81, Sir Clive Sinclair. He still thinks we’ll all be driving around in flying cars y’know. Bless.