Is web content production like programming?


A friend in the web industry recently admitted that she didn’t ‘get’ content production.

After I’d picked myself up off the floor, I thought I’d post something helpful but enlightening on their behalf.

I suggested to the person that they might find it useful if they compared content production to something they’re more familiar with – like technical development and the programming process.
After all, the technical development process depends on:

  • A detailed brief from the client or PM for the programmer’s (editor’s) background
  • An up to date IA / sitemap to map out the solution and gauge the work required
  • A functional spec (in an editor’s case, a content plan or strategy which outlines each section and page)
  • A sufficient lead in time to write code (or copy). After all, like rushed code, rushed content will not work

Feel free to add anything else you think will help with our cause. In the meantime, it can never hurt to read the insightful Cure for Content-Delay Syndrome on A List Apart.

2 thoughts on “Is web content production like programming?

  1. PM Hut

    Content can suffer from a writer’s block, code, on the other hand, can’t. However, code can suffer a lot when the requirements are not very clear.

    One small comment, maybe you should consider the size of your font.

  2. kenobi

    Only authors of fictional novels get writers block. The only way a coder can get writers block is if they don’t know how to do the job. The same goes for a copywriter – they should be skilled enough to crack on with the job. As a professional writer for over 10 years, the only time my mind goes blank is when I try to start that all elusive first novel…utter utter loss of thought and inspiration. Journalism beats all creativity out of a writer – although some would argue our tabloid journalists are masters of fictional verse…

    I’d love to increase the font size, but it’s fixed – I can’t change it unless I pay for the blog. Pesky WordPress…

    Btw – how did you find out about our blog?

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