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Mailchimp for Agencies – unique banner ad approach

Mailchimp is famous for its ‘ker-azy’ approach to marketing (well it is in our house anyway). But I’ve just seen something from them which puzzled me.

See below an example of a strange skyscraper display ad for Mailchimp which takes a leaderboard image and rotates it 90 degrees to make a skyscraper.

Mailchimp malarkiness – or an example of lazy web design in action?


My Mailchimp maverick idea was then scotched somewhat when I clicked on the banner and was taken to a dedicated landing page (below).

Mailchimp home

Okay, coffee cups. Agencies drink coffee. And desks within agencies are usually looking a little funky by the end of a hectic day. But what am I expected to do with the cups on this page? Rolling over them or clicking them does nothing.

I’m a little surprised by this unusually non-amusing and less than intuitive user experience. What’s the idea behind this Mailchimp?