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See you over at Step By Step Online Business

You may have noticed things have gone a little quiet on the Content Content blog. That’s because we’ve been a bit distracted with other things – but hey, what can you do?

Recently we’ve been spending a lot of our time on our new-ish Step By Step Online Business, which is a blog about setting up an online business for the first time.

There are thousands (if not millions) of websites out there on how to do this, but if you have ever spent any time looking at these websites, there’s a few things you’re probably thinking.

“Great. I’m more confused now than when I started. “

That’s why this website has been set up using a step by step, numbered approach. Most of what is out there is hard to follow or just downright confusing. So let’s try and fix that – together – with this website. If you read about something on this blog and you’re more confused than before, this website has failed. Tell us if we’ve failed. Preferably on one of our social channels. Seriously, go public. That way, we’ll be quick to act and try harder to solve the problem (which, incidentally, is what you should when you get feedback – of any kind – on your social channels).

Another thing you’re probably thinking is:

Can I really trust this advice or information because they appear to be selling a service

You should always query anything you read on a website. Literally everything. Especially when the website has lots of ads for e-commerce or marketing services on it. Always ask – what’s your angle? What are you selling?

Quite rightly, you should take anything you read on this website with a pinch of salt too, but know this – it’s intended to provide helpful, useful tips and discussion points around the questions people usually have when they’re setting up an online business for the first time. That goes for your first ecommerce website, your first eBay, Etsy or Amazon store. And remember, nothing you read on here is gospel. We’re always learning too. Granted, there’s some advertising on this website which helps with basic running costs, but seriously – given the financial returns on banner ads these days, we really aren’t in this for the cash (something like £0.02 per ad clicked, if that), so we’re in it for the love of sharing knowledge (also when it comes to advertising, we’ve added the odd promotional banner ad for ecommerce website tools like Shopfiy or BigCommerce or useful books, but we don’t always have control over the other ads you might see – like some of the strange dating websites we sometimes see on here).

Here’s another thing you may have been thinking about other online business’ or ‘make money online’ websites:

Why are there lots of pictures of fast cars, holiday villas and attractive people sitting on piles of money or sitting in a jet?

You won’t ever see any references to fantasy lifestyles on this blog. And if you do – leave and never come back. It would serve us right. That also goes for any posts titled ‘Make money from home’ or ‘Make money online’. Why? Setting up and running a new website or business is hard. We know that – we’ve built them. It’s takes graft. And most fail. Or they don’t make much money – at first. Any website or ‘entrepreneur’ or ‘sales guru’ that promises £/$10,000 a month after little or no effort should probably be avoided. But hey, that’s your call. You might just enjoy looking at pictures of nice cars.

Hopefully you’ll find this website useful.

If need help with your digital marketing, have a specific question about your email, social media or search engine marketing, get in touch. Even if you just fancy a quick chat. We’re nice like that.

Inbound Marketing Infographic – Salesforce

Marketing departments up and down the nation are slowly realising the potential of inbound marketing vs outbound marketing. Put simply, tactics which improve your chances of being found by your customers are just as important – if not more so – than simply broadcasting your sales message to prospects. Well, that’s the idea anyway. Of course, it’s important to pursue a strategy which observes the importance of both inbound and outbound.

Anyway, if you’re in need of a good infographic which explains this balance and which tools to use, then you’re in luck: those helpful chaps at Smart Insights have flagged up a nice infographic by Salesforce pardot.

Inbound marketing infographic - Salesforce

Source: Smart Insights

Killer B2B landing page examples

Finding it really difficult to get a good list of search landing page examples for B2B? Me too. I’ll post more examples when I find them (or someone helpfully posts them in my comments below) but here’s a good starter for 10 case study from the Conversion Rate Experts called ‘Secrets of the Million Dollar Landing Page’.

Okay, so the claim is a little controversial, but it’s nonetheless a good walk-through of the landing page / conversion rate optimisation process.

Best B2B landing page

Source: Conversion Rate Experts – seomoz case study

iPhone SDK – goodbye all mobiles, Blackberrys, PSPs and Nintendo DS

For once, this is no exaggeration. Any game or service can repurposed for iPhones.

EA developing an iPhone version of Spore in two weeks using CocoaTouch, its iPhone development environment. The mobile phone industry is set to change for ever. Especially when offices pick it up.

Watch this Steve Jobs video – and skip to the examples (around 30 mins in).

Truly incredible.

Sign up for contentcontent’s email newsletter giving Monkeymag a run for its money

Big fan of

Despite the odd navigation, it’s a no-nonsense, boiled down version of a lad’s mag – only without the endless references to norks (whatever they are – female narcotics officers?).

BrandRepublic now reports that the site’s attracting 15,000 new users a month, which is seriously impressive. Staff at Dennis’ take note.

If it could just attract more A-lister interviews (not limited to Hollywood celebs) and do more in the business and career space, I’d read it every day. This means touching on, but that’s not a huge problem as its web content has yet to mirror the quality of its print title.

Set up by ex-Men’s Health staffer Will Callaghan in March 2006, the site shows its real value once you get hooked on its refreshingly non-abusive messageboards.

Breaking news: Yahoo to move UK operations to Switzerland

Yahoo is planning to move its European headquarters from London to Geneva, Switzerland, today’s FT reveals.

Claimed to be called “Project Yodel”, the FT’s source mentions corporate tax reasons.

The FT reports that Yahoo said the move was “part of its ongoing international strategy to increase competitiveness and to deliver financial results, performance and efficiency”.

It’s not yet known how many of Yahoo 700 people in the UK will relocate.

Read the full FT story.

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