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iPhone SDK – goodbye all mobiles, Blackberrys, PSPs and Nintendo DS

For once, this is no exaggeration. Any game or service can repurposed for iPhones.

EA developing an iPhone version of Spore in two weeks using CocoaTouch, its iPhone development environment. The mobile phone industry is set to change for ever. Especially when offices pick it up.

Watch this Steve Jobs video – and skip to the examples (around 30 mins in).

Truly incredible.

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No one reads anymore according to Steve Jobs

Interesting post on Gawker (so it must be true) which talks about Apple’s disinterest in an Amazon like e-book gadget, given that people don’t read anymore.

Sad, but not completely surprising if we’re honest. Especially the stat: 40 per cent of Americans read one book or less a year.

Read the Gawker post.

iTunes to kill mobile ring tones market

It’s 6.26pm and I’ve just heard that Apple’s Steve Jobs has said a custom ringtone maker is to be built into Tunes, which can sync ringtone music to the iPhone. You’ll be able to use iTunes to take a snippet of your chosen track and make it a ringtone. RIP Crazy Frog.

I wonder if iTunes will have some sort of validation for music publishers? Some may have concerns over lost royalty payments on ringtone snippets, would they not?