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Handbag.com and contacting bloggers

Someone from the Handbag.com (or someone claiming to be from Handbag.com – their press office or PR agency?) emailed us last week asking if they could send me a press release about their website. Then didn’t send us the press release.

We’re not going to get all Tom Coates about this, but if you’re going to develop relationships with bloggers, follow up on emails / deliver on promises. Especially when they say they’re happy to receive embargoed press releases.

An MP moves on – what happens to their quote?

I love government websites. One thing that always crops up is the outsted MP quote.

Campaign or policy websites for central govt always have the odd sprinkle of Cabinet member glitter on pages to provide their endorsement. But what happens to the quote when said member moves on?

Should the quote be taken down? Should it be amended to ‘Dave Tea-tray, former Minister for Peanuts’? What’s the score?