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“I’m Paris Hilton and I approve this message cos it’s totally hot”

'Fierce. Female. F***ing. Fabulous.'

BitchBuzz's succinct Twitter biog: 'Fierce. Female. F***ing. Fabulous.'

Watch Paris Hilton talk about US energy policy. No, really. I spotted this via BitchBuzz, which is today due to launch a new take on websites aimed at women. Best of luck with the launch BitchBuzz. i think I know who runs this, but I’m not sure they want that to be public domain. Anyone shed any light?

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How to become a journalist: act like one

Every time someone asks me how I got into journalism, I usually trot out the same words of advice: write, submit, write, submit, write…you get the picture.

My point being that no matter what your qualifications or experience, if you write an article and the editor you submit it to likes what he or she reads, then you’re in.

Formal qualifications do matter in some lines of specialist reporting (ie having a science degree clearly helps when writing for New Scientist). But if you have a talent for writing must read copy, then you’re most of the way there.

Students I speak to tend to stuck on the ‘submit’ bit of my ‘write, submit’ mantra. Pre-2000, I always recommended emailing, posting or faxing (remember that?) content in to editors for consideration. Since 2000, I’ve added forum posting and blogging to the list.

The power of how contributing to blogs alone can boost your career prospects in journalism is emphasised by people like Cath Elliott, who was first ‘talent spotted’ on the Guardian’s Comment is Free portal as a commenter. According to the Guardian, her comments has such insight and thoughtfulness that she was invited to become a contributor.

Of course, some may argue that Cath isn’t a journalist but a blogger. But what is a journalist these days? Two things might sway this debate: a) the blog platform is owned by a major national newspaper and b) at any time, her content has the potential to make it into the print newspaper or ‘official’ Guardian news site. So – is Cath a journalist?

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contentcontent is now on Twitter (when it works)

Apologies for the lack of pithy posts of late.

I’ve been way too busy of late and have decided to share my random pearls of content wisdom with a bunch of Twitter followers.

So there you have it – relationships with websites are just like making friends at school: you move from popular kid to popular kids until you find someone you really like. That said, who knows if I’ll stick with Twitter for the long term? I’m fickle, I know.

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Shiny Media’s gadget blog takes on Fark’s frat boys

Shiny Media’s gadget site for laides ShinyShiny has been the subject of flash mob rule (see what I did there?) by commenters from the Fark website.

I’ll hold off publishing some of the comments and simply link to ShinyShiny’s reponse article, but the posts have some of the most scathing blog post comments I’ve seen in a long time (…a week).

Virgin Atlantic runs press trips for bloggers

Paul Charles, comms director of Virgin Atlantic says PR professionals shoudl treat bloggers and online writers the same as print journalists.

Talking to PR Week, he said, ‘The bloggers we ahve approached are delighted that they are being taken seriously.’

I bet they are.

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Corporate websites – how to evolve your ‘irrelevant’ corporate website

Another day, another blog post about the death of the corporate website as we know it. Not literally true, but there’s some good takeaway advice out there nonetheless. My two-penneth is that b2b sites should have included push/pull features long ago.

Read more at Jeremiah’s blog.

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