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Can FMCGs or clothing brands be media owners?

Start up drinks brand Suso is gearing up to launch a magazine and website, reports Marketing Week. It’s not yet decided whether the magazine will be charged for.

I’d normally dismiss this story – not all offline brands are successful when it comes to producing magazines or websites. Many clothing to supermarket brands have launched customer publishing ventures only to see them fizzle out. Or they continue to live on as an alternative (and expensive) method of advertising a retailer’s own products.

You need deep pockets to maintain a magazine and its offshoot website. After all, readers are unlikely to be keen on paying a cover price for a branded magazine they feel only exists to sell to them. And only a few FMCG’s are going to want to partner with a drinks branded magazine, so advertising revenues aren’t going to set the world alight.

That said, a Suso magazine might have one thing going for it – no one knows who or what it is yet. Assuming that sceptical customers automatically reject any overtly brand led magazines or websites, no matter how impartial, a Suso branded title may not yet put anyone off.

We’ll see.

Would you ever visit a retailer’s web zine? Like, a second time?

Jeanswear brand Levi’s had moderate success with Antidote, its customer publishing website and print magazine.

Such successes explain why fashion labels and retailers continue to use customer publishing – an example being Topman’s TOPMANZINE (for the love of god).

The question of what value customer publishing provides to who is way too old (and dull) a debate to have here. But the fact remains, the web now offers new opportunities for brands to develop a destination – and one which isn’t limited to broadcast / top down magazine content.

Ben Sherman’s content aggregation model is a good example of how fashion brands are providing customers with genuinely valuable offers beyond the usual ‘read this edgy article and please buy the t-shirt we mention’ approach. It’s about going beyond TOPMANZINE’s useful ‘Trends’ features. Fashion tips provide genuine value to the customer, but the site as a whole doesn’t go far enough.

Modest blog network Shiny Media gets 3.5 million users each month!

Hats off to the folks at Shiny Media after being featured on MediaGuardian’s Elevator Pitch.

They get some stick about the ‘raw’ video reviews they do on YouTube. They say they’re just giving their users the basic info – users don’t want high (and time consuming) production values.

These vids are also the third most watched director videos behind the likes of BBC, so they must be doing something right.
Read their interview on MediaGuardian’s ‘pda:digital content blog‘ (sheesh).

We’d also like to hear more about the relationship they have with PR bigwgs Red Consultancy and its Shiny Red Media JV. Can a PR agency and publisher work form a partnerships without tainting the independence and authority of its titles?

Monocle magazine Tyler Brúlé interviews Lego CEO

Former Wallpaper editor, Tyler Brúlé (pictured) asks the CEO of Lego what he’s done to reinvigorate the brand, after having a “tough time” with video gaming competition and reduced play time among key demographic audiences.

An insightful and well produced interview by Tyler, editor-in-chief of Monocle. Interesting how he specifically asks to avoid making the video a McKinsey analysis piece. but still manages to keep enough depth and appeal for Monocle’s Euro-centric business-savvy audience. A nice piece, despite the whip zoom-out camera work.
PS. It’s good to see Tyler’s ditched the Harry Hill high collar shirts of the 2000.com era – but is it me, or does Tyler look like a skinny version of Chris Moyles of BBC Radio 1 in this video..?

Sport magazine – a great quote…and yet another Ceros ‘virtual mag’

“We’re 10 and a half months old, and we’ve got BMW and Mercedes as advertisers.
If you had asked me a year ago, I would have given my right arm for that. Now
I’ve got them, and still have my arm.”

Greg Miall, publishing director for the British edition of free street magazine Sport, tells The New York Times about the good fortunes of the mag.

Sport magazine started out in Paris three years ago and began publishing in Britain late last year. More than 700,000 copies of Sport are distributed weekly in France, with 320,000 handed out in London. The French edition, according to the NYT, is already profitable, while the British version is on track to break even within three years.

I thought the website was an ad sales platform. But low and behold – Ceros’ ‘virtual magazine’ comes to the rescue.

Read the latest edition of Sport magazine.

IPC appoints new head of online men’s lifestyle: Nuts and Loaded

IPC’s Ignite Digital arm has appointed Keith Walker as head of online men’s lifestyle which includes overseeing content for the Nuts.co.uk and Loaded.co.uk websites.

Quote of the week:

Anthony Thornton, editor-in-chief for Ignite Digital, who will work alongside Walker: “Keith is the ideal choice to take Loaded and Nuts to the next level. It’s a bit like Ron Dennis hiring Lewis Hamilton only without the big, expensive shiny car, obviously.”

Emap recruits Centaur Media’s digital publisher

Centaur’s digital publisher Stephen Brooks has joined Emap as digital director, lifestyle, Emap Communications.

Brand Republic (owned by Centaur peer Haymarket Publishing) suggests that the move is part of a recent drive to boost Emap’s digital ops – especially if the publisher is to meet its target of doubling digital revenues by the end of 2008.

It seems that things are moving a little faster in the digital department, at last. As per my recent post on print publisher’s God given right to survive online, Brand Republic referred to Emap chairman, Alun Cathcart’s previous comments that the company needs to speed up the execution of its strategy of adapting to audience consumption shifts from traditional to digital media platforms.

Stephen has left a comment to clarify that his position is digital director for EMAP Business, not Consumer. Note to self: triple check anything reported on Brand Republic…

Read the fuller piece.

Diesel Cult magazine – Pete Doherty caught in a guitar shop shocker

A few things to see on this site, including a video of Pete Doherty playing his next single by, we’re assured, a passing member of the public. Although initially confounding, persistence eventually pays off. All we are saying, is Give Pete a Chance.

See Pete Doherty perform an off the cuff gig on Diesel Cult magazine.

Monkey magazine issue

Man alive – traffic to this blog has quadrupled since Monkeymagazine launched.

It appears that each time someone searches for the magazine in question, my site or my latest post is right up there in the top 10 search results.

Thanks for reading folks.

By the way, does anyone know how to tweak Blogger.com to show the titles of previous posts and not month by month posts?