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Diesel campaign website – typo

This is me throwing stones in glass houses, but the new Diesel website has a big hairy typo on it – and at a crucial point in the user journey too.

For the visually impaired, the image shows a Diesel clothing website with the sentence: ‘Take of your mask…’

Typos suck. And so does the ‘Americanisation’ of the English language, but you get my point.

Diesel Cult magazine – Pete Doherty caught in a guitar shop shocker

A few things to see on this site, including a video of Pete Doherty playing his next single by, we’re assured, a passing member of the public. Although initially confounding, persistence eventually pays off. All we are saying, is Give Pete a Chance.

See Pete Doherty perform an off the cuff gig on Diesel Cult magazine.