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“I’m Paris Hilton and I approve this message cos it’s totally hot”

'Fierce. Female. F***ing. Fabulous.'

BitchBuzz's succinct Twitter biog: 'Fierce. Female. F***ing. Fabulous.'

Watch Paris Hilton talk about US energy policy. No, really. I spotted this via BitchBuzz, which is today due to launch a new take on websites aimed at women.¬†Best of luck with the launch¬†BitchBuzz. i think I know who runs this, but I’m not sure they want that to be public domain. Anyone shed any light?

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Would you ever visit a retailer’s web zine? Like, a second time?

Jeanswear brand Levi’s had moderate success with Antidote, its customer publishing website and print magazine.

Such successes explain why fashion labels and retailers continue to use customer publishing – an example being Topman’s TOPMANZINE (for the love of god).

The question of what value customer publishing provides to who is way too old (and dull) a debate to have here. But the fact remains, the web now offers new opportunities for brands to develop a destination – and one which isn’t limited to broadcast / top down magazine content.

Ben Sherman’s content aggregation model is a good example of how fashion brands are providing customers with genuinely valuable offers beyond the usual ‘read this edgy article and please buy the t-shirt we mention’ approach. It’s about going beyond TOPMANZINE’s useful ‘Trends’ features. Fashion tips provide genuine value to the customer, but the site as a whole doesn’t go far enough.