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Superb example of social media marketing

This is old news to geeks-ville, but it’s incredible, so I’m going to blog it.

There have been some really inspiring social media marketing campaigns of late – but few threaten entire industries (in this case the traditional film distribution model).

I first heard about the Four Eyed Monsters campaign at Channel 4’s Wired & Ready social media event. James Fabricant, Head of Marketing and Content for MySpace UK & Ireland only happened to mentioned it as an aside from insight into its E4’s Skins campaign work with Holler digital.

Once visitors have immersed themselves in the indie film’s plot on the MySpace profile, they’re then encouraged to go to an official site and register their interest in seeing the film by entering the zip code of their local cinema.

Each vote / request is then represented by a small heart on a Google map app. Once a zip code has 100 requests (a large heart), the producers then approach local cinema owners to show the film.

Taking the guesswork out of film distribution, this is a no brainer for cinema owners who are handed guaranteed bums on seats for the film – with zero marketing on their part. The producers are also happy because it means their film is shown outside potentially cliquey indie cinema circles.

A truly remarkable tool for indie film workshops. Though, I do wonder how the big film distributors will react after being cut out as middle man? Will they make life difficult for cinema owners who choose to run these films? Or will they jump on the bandwagon for the release of their own riskier low budget films.
Might be worth keeping an eye on this one.
Take a look at the Four Eyed Monster MySpace profile.
Seeing as we’re on a film theme, I’ve just seen a trailer for a film called Ten. The voice over artist’s realing off of the stars has to be seen. As a colleague said, it shouldn’t be all that funny – but it is. Judge for yourself and watch the Ten trailer.