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Sony to offer paid-for online mag to PS3 network members

The potential for offering exclusive services via gaming platforms’ closed networks is huge and has been talked about for years. Now it’s here.

This begs an obvious question – when and what is Microsoft going to offer members of its Xbox Live network, beyond the current offer of short film downloads and exclusive games content?

Read more about Sony’s online mag offer, Qore (ooh, edgy).

iPhone SDK – goodbye all mobiles, Blackberrys, PSPs and Nintendo DS

For once, this is no exaggeration. Any game or service can repurposed for iPhones.

EA developing an iPhone version of Spore in two weeks using CocoaTouch, its iPhone development environment. The mobile phone industry is set to change for ever. Especially when offices pick it up.

Watch this Steve Jobs video – and skip to the examples (around 30 mins in).

Truly incredible.

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Microsoft opts for downloads for Xbox360 – not via Blu-Ray

Aha. So assuming this story is true, Microsoft DOES think downloads are the way forward.

Did the alleged Blu-Ray meeting with Sony and Microsoft not happen? Wonder how retailers will feel about this news? That said, Microsoft could still involve retailers by doing a Valve software thing like they did with HalfLife 2 and release a normal DVD in stores with the rest on the web.

But when all is said and broadbanded…the Xbox360 still won’t play Blu-Ray DVDs like the PS3.

CEO of Future Publishing on lucrative niche markets

Great interview with Future’s Stevie Spring in PPA’s Magazine News print mag. Shame we can’t find it online.

Some nuggets:

  • Future’s business model is akin to business publishers in that it fosters close relationships with niche audiences or ‘hardcore hobbyists’
  • Ads are a super targeted. Cycling ads appear in a cycling magazine
  • Niche advertisers are offered a ‘media nirvana’ the generalist mags only dream of
  • Ad revenue is up 50 per cent in the past year
  • Its GamesRadar.com site has 12m uniques – The Sun has 10m
  • It plans to complement GamesRadar and BikeRadar with MusicRadar
  • You can be nice while you’re being an agent of change in a huge organisation
  • High cover prices and English language only exports means its doing well overseas
  • Sky Movies magazine has a circulation of 3.7m and is ‘partnership publishing’ – which uses Future’s editorial expertise, resources and market knowledge to increase loyalty to a brand

If someone at PPA.co.uk wants to email us a link to the full article, we’d be happy to post it.

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A new dawn in gaming content

Okay, this isn’t strictly about content, but its a great story about how a struggling video games business is reinventing itself. And it does deal in content. Kinda.

Read the interview with Electronic Arts veteran David Gardner in ‘Atari Reborn’.

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HD-DVD dropped – so is Microsoft’s Xbox next to go?

The modern day equivalent of the VHS/Betmax video format war is over – according to online DVD rental firm Netflix.com.

Netflix.com is to drop Toshiba’s HD-DVD format in favour of Sony’s Blu-Ray equivalent by the end of the year so as not to confuse its customers. Because they’re nice like that.

Great news for consumers, but if the war has finally been won (which, let’s face it, is no surprise) then what lies ahead for Microsoft’s Xbox360 games console? Surely every recession-dodging-penny-pinching-gamer is going to opt for a future-proofed Sony’s PS3 console and its built in Blu-Ray DVD player?

So – will Microsoft now mothball the next incarnation of the Xbox and admit defeat and make way for NetFlix.com’s prediction that Blu-Ray will encourage users to continue using disc based entertainment for the next decade?

Or will Microsoft INSIST that downloaded music, movies and games should be the centrepiece for ‘Xbox 3’ going forward given ever increasing broadband speeds? Holy increased real-time advertising opportunities!!! Microsoft has already released a video downloads service. We assume there’s no full-game downloads being offered yet so as not to jeopardise retailer relationships, and not because of broadband speed limitations.

This latest blow in the HD format war and the fact that Microsoft divested of Bungie in 2007 – the maker of the lucrative Halo series of games – in no way suggests to us that Microsoft will be ditching its games console any time soon…will it?

Read the full story at GamesIndustry.biz

UPDATE (20/02/08): Paramount signs Xbox film download rental deal (Guardian).

Is the Xbox360 a lemon in waiting now that Warner Bros has signed up to Sony’s Blu-ray?

After holding off buying a new Xbox360 until the January sales, we’re gutted to hear that the future of the console’s format of choice, HD DVD, is now looking a little like the Betamax option.

Now that Warner Bros is reported to have adopted Sony’s Blu-ray format, the PS3’s HD format of choice, is it worth investing in a Premium edition Xbox360? Why buy one if nearly three quarters of film distributors have adopted another format?

This is a major coup for Sony. Does it spell the end for the Xbox consoles given that we’re still years away from downloading all our games, particularly HD games, via the web?

Let’s see what Microsoft says at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Gary Cutlack of UK Resistance joins Shiny Media blog network

Major coup for Shiny Media – they’ve signed Gary Cutlack of the excellent UK Resistance and Idiot Toys blogs.

A post on Shiny Media says Gary was on ‘a shopping list of talented bloggers that one day we hope will join our team.’

The big question: Who else is on that list? And (okay, two big questions) can we guess the people on that list by looking at what sectors are missing from Shiny Media’s growing network of niche blogs?
See what all the fuss is about

GamesIndustry.biz newsletter – do they read contentcontent?

Has someone at Gamesindustry.biz towers read my post on how to improve their weekly newsletter?

As per my last post, I waffled on for an age on how text could be broken up, bulleted, other alliterative b’s.

Have they taken note of my comments on headings too? The latest newsletter breaks up text with some bold headings…but little else.