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ITV.com digital strategy – by pda’s Mark Sweney

Interesting post by the MediaGuardian’s digital content blog – but we’re still no clearer on what’s going on with itv.com’s online gaming strategy.

Two months ago it was like, yes, the ITV Play TV channel has gone, but rest assured the lucrative brand will live on at itv.com with added value video, online gambling and so on. But looking at the site just today, there’s no reference to the ITV Play brand at all, with only the odd show (e.g. Glitterball) sitting in a section called ‘Games’ (which is a poorly worded title in our opinion – is this like Yahoo Games’ chess or is it online gambling? Someone show me a word I associatie with GAMING or GAMBLING before I scan over it and ignore it completely). Okay, we found the gaming section eventually, but it took an age to find it.

By the way – is it us or do the blog profile pics for Mark Sweney and Jemima Kiss look like they’ve been taken from a TopShop Autumn/Winter campaign?

There’s also some weird stuff going on with the blog’s style sheets – column text is being bumped down the page by large pics. And Jemima’s posts don’t appear to favour spacing between paragraphs.

WPP buys agency behind ITV.com website

Global advertising group WPP has bought Schematic, a digital agency employing 255 people in LA with revenues of $29.6 million for the year ended 31st March 2007. The press release says the move “continues WPP’s strategy of developing its networks in fast growing markets and sectors and strengthening its capabilities in digital media.”