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Ditch your SEO agency: update your content

It’s a mantra we always repeat to clients – content is pretty much key when it comes to improving your search engine rankings. I won’t go into details here (there are stacks of ‘how to’ articles posted elsewhere), but as long as your site has been developed to best practice standards, your key word density is good, your titles and headings are descriptive and you update on a regular basis, your site should rise up the ranks.

I mention this after finding that contentcontent is the top search result on Google for ‘marks and spencers martha lane fox‘. Not the Telegraph, not the Guardian, not even the FT – contentcontent is the top result. Shame it’s one of our weaker posts

Martha Lane Fox joins Marks & Spencer – a story

Congratulations to lastminute.com’s founder Martha Lane Fox and her appointment as non executive director on the board of Marks & Spencer. Her experience will be invaluable to the retailer’s online strategy going forward.

Her committment to her work is to be admired. I recall one journalist telling me that while cutting his teeth at new media magazine Revolution he was given a high profile assignment to interview both lastminute.com founders Brent Hoberman and Martha. Arranging an interview was difficult as both were working flat out for the move to IPO. It transpired that the only time they were available to chat was on a Sunday afternoon. Despite the timing and their huge workloads, both founders spent over an hour – each – in taking the then nervous and bumbling rookie journalist through lastminute.com’s complete history and future strategy in minute detail.

The IPO turned into a fiasco, but they were absolutely driven in their passion for new media and the potential of their business. Professionals to the end.