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Has Sky bought Mykindaplace.com?

I hear that Sky has now bought teen girls site mykindaplace.com outright.

Mykindaplace.com is a popular site – it’s got a thriving community and has an established footprint as a major publisher. It was founded by Matthew Wright, the celeb showbiz correspondent who left his job at the Mirror to set this and other sites up.

I’d say this deal is more about plugging a hole in its publishing operations. Sky has news sewn up, but lacks expertise in teen content / publishing. It could, for example, provide AOL-like content services for its newly acquired broadband subscribers.

My take on this news: what’s now going to happen to the site’s sister (or should that be brother) site Monkeyslum.com? A much needed revamp?

Teen males are really, really difficult to target online, and so far, efforts in this arena tend to focus on the old (ie stale) games, gadgets and girls approach to publishing. Even the BBC has given up the ghost after ditching male teens as an audience on BBC Teens (now called Slink)

At launch, Monkeyslum.com was (said to be) pulling in 250,000 unique users. Even if that’s still the case, it could do so much more.

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