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It’s OFFICIAL: Most content editors are crap.

I once got a freelancer in to review editorial on a youth focused website.

We’d developed it over time and wanted to get a second opinion on whether it was doing its job properly. An editor can get a little too comfortable after a while so I wanted to make sure we weren’t suffering from ‘beige creep’ (yes, a completely made up word).

Her CV was above average and her experience at a number of decent youth sites (MTV, BBC etc) convinced me that her £180 day rate was good value.

The anecdotal feedback and opinion on audience preferences for language and tone were sound, but when I asked about the basics, I got a shock.

“Best practice web copy says avoiding passive sentences, so keep an eye out for those,” I said.

“What’s a passive sentence?” came the reply…

Yahoo introduces content rich ‘passion centres’

A while back Yahoo announced plans to develop new content channels (also known as ‘passion centres’) in collaboration with expert content partners. It believed that developing interest led microsites would pull in and keep more users on the Yahoo network.

I’ve just seen its Sport microsite by Eurosport and I’m impressed – especially the design and inoffensive layout.

It’s interesting to see Yahoo going back to its roots of being a destination site full of rich content. Okay, it eventually took an axe to its content production teams, but this new strategy appears to have worked well (pending traffic figures).

Yahoo US has already launched a Nintendo Wii themed microsite. Despite looking like it’s been designed by the team behind Wrigley’s Extra, it’s the first time I’ve seen a Yahoo service pull in content from its very own flickr.
MTV revealed in November 2006 that it too was looking to explore vertical interest sites.

Monkeymag, MTVFlux and myspace.com

It appears that someone at Monkeymag has tried their hand at a little social networks marketing on MTVFlux and myspace.com.

Why not add a comment to the MTVFlux profile and make someone’s day?

Good to see that the Carry On franchise is alive and well. Take a look at the Lucy Pinder interview on the myspace.com profile.

Not sure what’s going on with this monkeymag profile though…

Will MTV Flux everyone off?

I apologise for the headline – I couldn’t help myself.

I noticed there’s a bit of a buzz about the launch of MTV Flux, supposedly the music network’s answer to the loss of yoof audiences to the web / MySpace et al.

Exicting stuff so far, but the story actually broke in New Media Age magazine a few weeks ago (perhaps this week’s FT.com story had the exclusive on the Flux brand).

A slight spin on this model has actually been live on Trouble Homegrown for a while.

It’ll be interesting to see how users react to this platform (if indeed that’s what it is).