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Web traffic growth for Nuts, Loaded et al

NME.com doing well in the fiercely competitive music sector

NME.com doing well in the fiercely competitive music sector

No real surprise for IPC Media given that the lads mags demographic is made up of heavy internet users. But the growth stats are impressive – Nuts.co.uk gained 121 per cent more users year on year, while Loaded grew by 51 per cent. NME.com continues to gain strength on the web with 107 per cent year on year user growth. The growth has been attributed to the integration of video and social networking features.

[via MediaGuardian]

CEO of Future Publishing on lucrative niche markets

Great interview with Future’s Stevie Spring in PPA’s Magazine News print mag. Shame we can’t find it online.

Some nuggets:

  • Future’s business model is akin to business publishers in that it fosters close relationships with niche audiences or ‘hardcore hobbyists’
  • Ads are a super targeted. Cycling ads appear in a cycling magazine
  • Niche advertisers are offered a ‘media nirvana’ the generalist mags only dream of
  • Ad revenue is up 50 per cent in the past year
  • Its GamesRadar.com site has 12m uniques – The Sun has 10m
  • It plans to complement GamesRadar and BikeRadar with MusicRadar
  • You can be nice while you’re being an agent of change in a huge organisation
  • High cover prices and English language only exports means its doing well overseas
  • Sky Movies magazine has a circulation of 3.7m and is ‘partnership publishing’ – which uses Future’s editorial expertise, resources and market knowledge to increase loyalty to a brand

If someone at PPA.co.uk wants to email us a link to the full article, we’d be happy to post it.

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How to attract users to your website – Bebo style

Getting people to visit your site is easy. Getting niche audiences to visit your site is even easier.

Ask Bebo. They’ve has teamed up with the BBC’s Radio 1 to screen a special episode of the social network’s online drama series ‘KateModern’. The episode will feature bands featured from Radio 1’s Live Lounge of Sunday.

This is a classic example of the value of giving your core audience targeted content. Host something worth visiting – really worth visiting – and they’ll visit you. Seriously – ask E4 and its ongoing huge MySpace Skins campaign which features exclusive video content before TV broadcast. Not got a TV production crew to hand? Fear not, why not try allowing users exlcusive access to a party / rave via your MySpace profile, as per E4’s own Skins’ party invite on its MySpace profile.

Julie Meyer, venture capitalist, has some advice for us all: Stop whinin’

Remember Julie Meyer of dot com First Tuesday fame? Well, imagine our surpise when we found out she writes a regular column for London business freesheet City A.M.

The subject of this week’s article? Be more like Sir Mick Jagger.

This is a reference to Sir Mick’s business sense and the Stones’ 1981 song ‘Start Me Up’ and not, sadly, a clever simile about business strategy and assassination conspiracies.

rockfeedback revamped says Sonic

Music e-zine rockfeedback.com (no, we’ve never heard of it either) has smartened itself up with a new design we’re told.

Billed by their ad sales agency as “one of the most respected online music publications in the UK”, the site takes a “constructive approach to music” – different to the “build ‘em up, knock ‘em down style of reporting, senseless bitching and scene point scoring are rife in both print and online press”.

We’re mildly interested in this as the redesign has been timed to coincide with a second Channel 4 TV series (did you see the first?) starting on 24 March, featuring the likes of Iggy Pop. Given that the site currently has 70,000 unique users generating 600,000 monthly page impressions, it’s a modest but growing site.

We’re also writing about it because we were told about it via the Sonic Network, the site’s ad sales agency, who we like. They’ve got 40 sites on their books and focus exclusively on the young adult lifestyle sector – e.g. ‘lifestages’, teen, mobile, student, music and film.

Sites include: http://www.popjustice.com/, http://www.trustthedj.com/ http://www.originsmag.com/, http://www.clickmusic.co.uk/ (remember that?) and the nicely named http://www.thisisfakediy.co.uk/.

Expect more news from Sonic very soon wethinks.

Britney Spears new single ‘Gimme More’ – exclusive by Perez Hilton

This is “hot shit” according to King of celebrity gossip, Perez Hilton (notice the absence of the phrase ‘web gossip’).

Want to listen to Britney’s new track as a free mp3? Go on admit it – you’re curious.

Link to Britney’s new track on Perez’s site

Amy Winehouse on the cover of US Vogue in September – pic

Amy Winehouse is a serious artist okay? Yes she has tats, but she rarely speaks because she’s got so many serious things to think about. This is despite having a right marf’ on her when she launched her first album.

Now she’s ‘enchanted’ the US media – Yahoo’s dotmusic reports that Amy Winehouse is to feature on the cover of Amercian Vogue, after rumours of a personal invitation by editor Anna Wintour.

Wintour is said to have “fallen for Winehouse’s latest album Back to Black and her quirky sense of style,” says dotmusic.

The snaps are thought to have been taken by Bruce Weber in Miami – the the same place she got married to new hubby Blake Fielder-Civil.

Does anyone else find it funny that Amy Winehouse used to be so outspoken, but now rarely speaks? It all adds to the mystique I guess. Woo-ooo-ooo. That was mystique by the way.

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