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Virgin Media website gets 8 million users a month?!

Is this like how Freeserve used to get millions – a sizeable volume helped by users who couldn’t be bothered changing their homepage after using the installation CD? Be interested to see their user session times.

Apart from email log-ins, why are millions of users returning? Can someone from Virgin tell us?

Read more at NMA.co.uk

Mike Butcher launches TechCrunch UK & Ireland as a blog

Mike Butcher, the former editor of digital industry mag New Media Age, has launched a blog called TechCrunch UK with a remit to cover internet and mobile on “this side of the planet.”

Butcher helped launch an original incarnation of the TechCrunch UK site for the first time in 2006, but after what appear to have been some really complex issues, he’s now launched the TechCrunch UK in a blog format.

See Mike’s launch post on TechCrunch UK

If you recall, left NMA a while back to help with the UK edition of the Industry Standard, which closed, then mooted a comeback. He’s since been blogging on his industry related mbites blog (which details his experiences at TechCrunch UK the first time round).