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‘Digital litter-acy’ fears over privacy as Facebook opens up to search engines

Get worried if you’re applying for a job – HR departments might soon be able to see your profile via major search engines.
Om Malik suggests that opening up social networks could spell trouble, given that we’re leaving ‘digital litter’ all over the place.
Social network profiles – and blogs – represent a weapon of mass destruction when it comes to the future of thousands of young career hopefuls.

Not everyone opts for the shock and awe approach of Aleksey Vayner’s video CV, but many younger users may be in danger of indirectly damaging their own employment prospects hundreds of times over, without realising it, thanks to blog entries that would horrify even the most progressive of human resources departments.

It’s vital that users consider the consequences before adding anything controversial to their blog. Users still – mistakenly – believe that throwaway comments made on a blog don’t really ‘count’ in the real world, when in fact the opposite is true.
Why else would big brands be wooing opinion forming bloggers? The authorities are now also beginning to treat abusive comments via friends’ blogs or social network profiles as seriously as any other form of bullying.

Sadly, there’s very little guarantee that a blogger can properly delete their adolescent ramblings later on in life. Content can continue to haunt a job seeker, thanks to cached pages on search engines and the blogging community’s tendency to borrow content from other sites and republish it as their own.

The ability to publish and distribute one’s own thoughts and ramblings to millions around the world with minimal effort is clearly an attractive premise. But more has to be done to educate young web users (at the very least) about the potential dangers and encourage awareness of ‘digital litter-acy’.

More on this over at i-boy.com, who suggests Facebook can justify moves like this if they’re to continue giving acccess to their services for free.