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MediaGuardian hacks now write for paidContent


Cross promotion is inevitable when one content site buys another, but it gets a little complicated when the publisher of a big content buys another smaller content site which covers the same sector – and decides to keep the smaller one going as a standalone entity.

Such is the case with the paidContent site and its recent acquisition by the Guardian. The mainstream media owner has wasted no time at all in pulling paidContent, er, content, into the MediaGuardian’s own digital news pages. Not sure how this impacted the existing digital news team there, namely Jemima Kiss, but hey, who are we to second guess one of the most successful publishers in the UK?

But integration and cross promotional thingies have increased even more with today’s inclusion of a post from the MediaGuardian’s own PDA digital news blog on paidContent’s site. Not sure if the byline format works for me, but it’s interesting how this is slowly developing into something interesting. Assuming this is step two in a defined long term game plan.

Separately, the paidContent blog talks about a new website by the creators of Dazed & Confused called Dazed Digital. Not a magazine extension site it appears, but a destination in its own right. Quite nice, but no obvious sign of comments or UGC services for us fickle read/write/rip consumers of content. Also, most of the videos seem to suffer from poor lighting, making each interviewee look like they’re in silhouette. Artistic fancy or handycam hitch?

BabyCentre valued at over £500m

Gadzooks. We’ve always rated BabyCentre, but is it really worth over $500 million?
Despite being owned by Johnson & Johnson, we’ve always appreciated its no-nonsense and hand-holding approach, particularly its personalised email newsletter, which provides practical (and advertorial free) advice on pregnancy and a baby’s development week by week.
A reader on paidContent’s coverage of the valuation wasn’t too positive about the valuation, and we share his surprise at the price tag. But it’s a great website (the UK site that is) and a genuinely valuable one at that.

Editorial posts off-shored to India – time to panic?

The off-shoring of call centre, accounting and admin operations are the norm in Britain’s modern economy, but we nearly dropped our cup of Twinnings when we heard that AOL is considering ‘right-sizing’ it’s operations and moving a number of editorial support roles to India. According to paidContent, sub-editor and HTML roles are specifically being affected.

Off-shoring has always been a threat for any operational staff, but hasn’t there always been an assumption that editorial roles were in some way ‘safe’? Why? Because of the requirement for staff to have a full grasp of their readers’ culture? The assumption that a writer is required to have English as their first language and (mistakenly) assuming that there are very few of these skills in India?

Web publishers are probably watching the outcome of this operational shift very closely. As are ad sales teams no doubt…

MediaGuardian launches PDA digital content blog

At last – MediaGuardian appears to have sorted out the mess that was Digital Digest and put together a shiny new blog. Look – it has it’s own brand and everything. But what does PDA stand for? Please don’t let it be ‘Personal Digital Assistant’…
Actually, should we even be posting about this given that ‘pda: the digital content blog’ is technically a competitor? Okay, we’re Ronnie Corbett to the Guardian’s Ricky Gervais (ie smallfry), but the team at the newly launched paidContent UK must be feeling a little damp right now…