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Virgin Atlantic runs press trips for bloggers

Paul Charles, comms director of Virgin Atlantic says PR professionals shoudl treat bloggers and online writers the same as print journalists.

Talking to PR Week, he said, ‘The bloggers we ahve approached are delighted that they are being taken seriously.’

I bet they are.

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Ocado drivers deliver irony as well as online groceries

This is a real email from Ocado. Considering all their PR about how they recycle their plastic bags, we thought this email was a tad amusing.

As Juliet, our eagle eyed Ocado customer confided, they obviously felt their carbon footprint has been reduced so much that they wanted to give it a little boost again.

“Drama queen” Facebook and deleting your profile

Will Facebook ever let its users delete all traces of their online existence in one easy step, asks tech blog gadgetell.com.

The debate about old blogs, posts and social network profiles coming back to haunt users shows no sign of slowing. It’s no doubt a reaction to the growing concern by now mature job seekers who are worrying that their job applications are being rejected by HR execs because of an anti-Starbucks blog post dating back to a time when Marylin Manson was edgy.

If you don’t know why the Aleksey Vayner story should be read by everyone with a pithy blog or kerazy social network profile, then read this letter in the FT.

Read more gagdetell.com’s post about permanently deleting Facebook profiles.

Watch a video of how to disable Facebook applications (thanks to Jeremiah Owyang of Forrester for the link).

Online reputation management and SEO: “Gaming the system”?

Hot topic this one, depending on if you get out much. And one handled quite well by Computerworld.

Articles on this topic normally have something of the conspiracy theory about them. When they’re not questioning the ethics of SEO (okay, that’s fair in some cases), they PR firm bashing (okay, again, sometimes fair) or they’re criticising companies trying to prevent the collapse of their business after a poor business decision (not so fair – not all firms attempt to purposefully deceive their customers. Get over it).

Despite the reactionary title (nice work on the sub editor’s part) the Computerworld article explores the issues fairly even handedly, gathering insight from a wide variety of industry experts and letting them do the talking.

Just as valuable are the articles two related links: ‘7 cheap ways to manage your online reputation‘ and ‘Mining the blogosphere to craft a reputation‘.

Read the full Computerworld article

TalkOnTheTube.com signs up Ziggy from Big Brother

Will dating be enough to make new social networking site TalkOnTheTube.com stand out from the crowd?

Website founder Neil Martin is said to have come up with the idea for the site after meeting a woman he liked on the commute home but failing to get her number.

Alongside the usual profiles, pictures and videos, the site also has ‘Second Chance’ message boards where users can find people that caught their eye on the tube.

A ‘Fan Requests’ feature helps users get in touch with other potential partner material and a restaurant booking service helps the really brave arrange dates out.

Similar to quirky londonpaper.com’s ‘I saw you on the tube’ column, it might just take off if enough sign up.

To help, consumer PR agency Uproar Communications has been appointed to handle the launch this month and promote the website to the three million Londoners who use the Underground on a daily basis.

We assume it’s ad supported, but there could be obvious opportunities in dating site subscriptions and referral fees for restaurant bookings.

And as for Ziggy’s endorsement, we can see a ’60 second interview’ in Metro coming on very soon…
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