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Social media marketing – what works / what doesn’t

Forrester’s social media analyst Jeremiah Owyang provides a nice overview of brands which have attempted social media marketing using fan pages, widgets etc.

In a nutshell, activities – like fan pages – need to encourage communication and community building within the social network, not direct them offsite (because, presumably, it interrupts users’ conversations and communication).

One nice example is an Alicia Keys fan page, which revealed exclusive news, events etc. Fans are driven to join, debate, sign up to events, share and so on. I’m assuming this has a lot to do with why and how fans think – such as playing one-upmanship and showing other fans how much of a bigger fan you are.

Read Jermiah’s blog post on Web Strategist

Newspapers ignoring young audiences says report

“Younger age groups may never acquire the ‘paid-for newspaper habit’,” says a readership trends report Ernst & Young. “Publishers will have to find other means of attracting their attention.”

But the research, as reported in the MediaGuardian says CD giveaways aren’t the way to do it as they fail to address the fact that more than half of the UK’s 15 to 44-year-olds use the internet for their daily information, most of which is free.

So – will more newspapers really have to adopt the freesheet model in years to come to attract younger readers? If so, I dread to think what shoe-string budgets are going to do to the already declining quality of UK newspapers.

Full Guardian story

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A day in the life of a Forrester web analyst

A brilliant blog post as ever by Jeremiah, an analyst at research firm Forrester. When does the guy get to sleep exactly? Read more on how Jeremiah spends his time as an analyst

His favourite site? Of all the hundreds of cutting edge websites out there, what did he pick? Drumroll…Twitter.com. Who’da thunk it? An oldie, but still a goodie.

Big site / trend he’s watching? OpenSocial. Big, big changes in store says Jermiah, especially as more content led sites add more social elements to their websites. We agree. Just wish it would all happen quicker.

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Copywriters for ‘green’ websites – give up right now

Once we’d stopped sweating, it dawned on us that this guy’s flippancy over it being too late to stop climate change could actually convince people to do more.

According to ‘climate science maverick’ James Lovelock suggests that we all enjoy life while we can because it’s going to ‘hit the fan’ in 20 years time.

Sheesh. But we’d be interested to hear what Robert Cialdini thinks of this approach to environmental messages.

How to market a website: Your options, by a Forrester analyst

Need to know how to market your website but don’t know where to begin?

Read on for a comprehensive list of pretty much every (well, nearly) current type of online marketing approach available to you as a marketer.

The list includes: social ads, widget ads, SEO, SEM, invasive marketing, syndication, online massive multiplayer gaming advertising, mobile…the list goes on.

The content post appears on a blog by Jeremiah Owyang, a web strategist / senior analyst at media specialist Forrester Research.

PS. check out the post by Linda Zimmer who suggests adding some ‘pull’ marketing to this list of mainly ‘push’ executions.

How to develop an online community strategy

Want to develop an online community but have no idea how to go about planning it?

We found this helpful guide to doing just that. It’s common sense, but a handy reminder nonetheless.

Read the report on Online Community Report

All pointers to other useful resources on this topic gratefully received.

Email newsletters – what’s the best day to send them?

When it comes to research on email marketing, the web does not disappoint. But instead of relying solely on research, I’m going to do some user testing: what day of the week should contentcontent send out its weekly opinion piece on all things content?

Research we’ve waded through suggests the weekend (er, no) and Friday are the best days. Understandable – Friday allows for more downtime reading Economist City Guides…or Popbitch.

So, I’m going to do my bit for user centred design (kind of) and throw the decision open.

When do you prefer to get email newsletters?

PS. this is aimed at old schoolers who prefer their news in an email alert over RSS and IM.

No one reads anymore according to Steve Jobs

Interesting post on Gawker (so it must be true) which talks about Apple’s disinterest in an Amazon like e-book gadget, given that people don’t read anymore.

Sad, but not completely surprising if we’re honest. Especially the stat: 40 per cent of Americans read one book or less a year.

Read the Gawker post.