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News Group Newspapers: digital agency review

NGN is reviewing its digital agency arrangements for its tabloids, says Brand Republic.

Interesting news, but this page on Haymarket’s marketing portal has a few other things worth noting.

One: the mid page ad for Getty Images. Spooky. Nothing happens, but the guy pictured is mesmerising with his (engineered) bug eyes and slight movement / shifting on his feet. We clicked on it and went through to the site to see what the bug eyed guy was all about. Clicking an ad is a first for us in months…

Two: breaking exclusives or brave marketing ploy? At the bottom of the story, the line goes: ‘For the full story see next week’s edition of Marketing.’ Next week’s? Blimey – either it’s public domain (in which case, Marketing’s competitors will pick up on it) or someone’s on the BR editorial team has slipped up (unlikely). An interesting approach either way. Wonder how well it works?

News Corp to swap MySpace for 25% of Yahoo!?

Incredible news, if true. But given that it’s in the News Corp’s the Times, there may be some truth to it.

Interesting that Murdoch was said to have downplayed MySpace’s popularity if he’s hoping this deal is going to happen. Perhaps it’s a calculated move – who knows.

Read more about the News Corp Yahoo! Times story.

Murdoch admits Facebook is gaining ground on MySpace

Nice article in today’s Financial Times about the race between MySpace and Facebook.

According to John Gapper of the FT, Rupert Murdoch was candid with the Wall Street Journal when asked whether newspaper readers were now going to MySpace.

“I wish they were,” was his reply. “They’re all going to Facebook at the moment.”

It’s odd how Bebo now appears to be out of the picture despite recent Hitwise data which asserts that it’s neck and neck with MySpace in the UK. Facebook is, by comparison, way behind both MySpace and Bebo at present.

Could it be that the clean lines of Facebook sit well with the time-poor 30 or 40 somethings of the UK’s press? Expect even more David and Goliath column inches as more discover a less anarchic social networking site. Bless.

How will Murdoch exploit digital marketing?

Interesting piece from iMedia Connection today, mainly for the commentary on Murdoch’s purchase of MySpace and how he intends to queeze revenues out of it.

Interesting to read about the focus on online ads, but what about its plans for non-ad revenues?