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Shiny Media’s gadget blog takes on Fark’s frat boys

Shiny Media’s gadget site for laides ShinyShiny has been the subject of flash mob rule (see what I did there?) by commenters from the Fark website.

I’ll hold off publishing some of the comments and simply link to ShinyShiny’s reponse article, but the posts have some of the most scathing blog post comments I’ve seen in a long time (…a week).

Gawker editor’s position under threat – not enough page views?

Jemima Kiss of the Guardian’s PDA blog (titter) says Gawker boss has fired his site editor after just five months because the site was under performing.

The story talks about not pulling in over 670,000 page views a month. Fair enough – publishers sack editors of newspapers for falling readerships, but this all feels a little grubby if true. Can an editor alone be held responsible for poor page view figures? More so than print publications?

Also, we don’t remember reading about a £4 per post fee for Shiny Media’s bloggers (see comments).

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Modest blog network Shiny Media gets 3.5 million users each month!

Hats off to the folks at Shiny Media after being featured on MediaGuardian’s Elevator Pitch.

They get some stick about the ‘raw’ video reviews they do on YouTube. They say they’re just giving their users the basic info – users don’t want high (and time consuming) production values.

These vids are also the third most watched director videos behind the likes of BBC, so they must be doing something right.
Read their interview on MediaGuardian’s ‘pda:digital content blog‘ (sheesh).

We’d also like to hear more about the relationship they have with PR bigwgs Red Consultancy and its Shiny Red Media JV. Can a PR agency and publisher work form a partnerships without tainting the independence and authority of its titles?

Blog publishing network Shiny Media extends to US

Shiny Media is to target US audiences with two new fashion blogs.

Compared to “selling ice to eskimos” as one friend of Shiny Media suggested upon hearing the news, the company will attempt to crack America with Shiny Style and make-up site Shiny Gloss.

Shiny US will eventually become ten US focussed fashion blogs headquarted on the East Coast, but supported by bloggers from all over the country.

“With Shiny US we intend to keep all that’s great about Catwalk Queen and Shoewawa like the quirky stories, videos and focus on affordable fashion,” says Shiny US’s Editorial Director, Andrea Thatcher on the Shiny Media site, “but the blogs will written by Americans for Americans and will major on what’s hot in US fashion stores.”

Set up in 2004, Shiny Media currently runs 30 websites, all of which attract 3.5m unique visitors monthly. “To put that in some kind of perspective,” says the site, “that’s up 700,000 readers on July. If we keep up this level of growth those BBC online execs should start to worry sometime around 2011.”

Looks like Bright Station Ventures investment of $4.5million in January will soon pay off – an approach by a major publisher must be on the cards anyday now.

Future folds girls gadget blog into men’s print title T3

Is it competion in the market or is it really tricky to specifically target women with dedicated tech content?

Who knows why Future Publishing may have decided to fold its female blog Gadget Candy.com into T3, after two years of churning it out.

Strong competition from Popgadget and Shiny Media’s popular Shiny Shiny blog could have been a factor in the blogs relegation to a column inT3.

Read more at paidContent.org:UK (which is already pumping out must-read content in its first week – congrats!).

Gary Cutlack of UK Resistance joins Shiny Media blog network

Major coup for Shiny Media – they’ve signed Gary Cutlack of the excellent UK Resistance and Idiot Toys blogs.

A post on Shiny Media says Gary was on ‘a shopping list of talented bloggers that one day we hope will join our team.’

The big question: Who else is on that list? And (okay, two big questions) can we guess the people on that list by looking at what sectors are missing from Shiny Media’s growing network of niche blogs?
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