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BBC iPlayer on PS3?

As ever with things on the web, it looks like someone has taken matters into their own hands and made a website which pushes for iPlayer access on the PS3’s web service. But is it genuine? Can you access the iPlayer service on the PS3 using this site? If you have a PS3, let us know.

The page reads:

Sorry, you can only use this unofficial version of the BBC iPlayer on a
Sony PLAYSTATION®3 system.

This version of the BBC iPlayer can only be used on a Sony PLAYSTATION®3
system within the UK. It’s mainly a demonstration of how easily the BBC could
support the PS3 with their Wii version. This does nothing more than mask your
PS3’s user-agent string and makes half a dozen changes to make the JavaScript
and CSS function correctly on the PS3. It only took a day to produce, so come on
BBC – how about implementing this properly?
Take a look at the iPlayer / PS3 website.

iPhone SDK – goodbye all mobiles, Blackberrys, PSPs and Nintendo DS

For once, this is no exaggeration. Any game or service can repurposed for iPhones.

EA developing an iPhone version of Spore in two weeks using CocoaTouch, its iPhone development environment. The mobile phone industry is set to change for ever. Especially when offices pick it up.

Watch this Steve Jobs video – and skip to the examples (around 30 mins in).

Truly incredible.

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HD-DVD dropped – so is Microsoft’s Xbox next to go?

The modern day equivalent of the VHS/Betmax video format war is over – according to online DVD rental firm Netflix.com.

Netflix.com is to drop Toshiba’s HD-DVD format in favour of Sony’s Blu-Ray equivalent by the end of the year so as not to confuse its customers. Because they’re nice like that.

Great news for consumers, but if the war has finally been won (which, let’s face it, is no surprise) then what lies ahead for Microsoft’s Xbox360 games console? Surely every recession-dodging-penny-pinching-gamer is going to opt for a future-proofed Sony’s PS3 console and its built in Blu-Ray DVD player?

So – will Microsoft now mothball the next incarnation of the Xbox and admit defeat and make way for NetFlix.com’s prediction that Blu-Ray will encourage users to continue using disc based entertainment for the next decade?

Or will Microsoft INSIST that downloaded music, movies and games should be the centrepiece for ‘Xbox 3’ going forward given ever increasing broadband speeds? Holy increased real-time advertising opportunities!!! Microsoft has already released a video downloads service. We assume there’s no full-game downloads being offered yet so as not to jeopardise retailer relationships, and not because of broadband speed limitations.

This latest blow in the HD format war and the fact that Microsoft divested of Bungie in 2007 – the maker of the lucrative Halo series of games – in no way suggests to us that Microsoft will be ditching its games console any time soon…will it?

Read the full story at GamesIndustry.biz

UPDATE (20/02/08): Paramount signs Xbox film download rental deal (Guardian).

Is the Xbox360 a lemon in waiting now that Warner Bros has signed up to Sony’s Blu-ray?

After holding off buying a new Xbox360 until the January sales, we’re gutted to hear that the future of the console’s format of choice, HD DVD, is now looking a little like the Betamax option.

Now that Warner Bros is reported to have adopted Sony’s Blu-ray format, the PS3’s HD format of choice, is it worth investing in a Premium edition Xbox360? Why buy one if nearly three quarters of film distributors have adopted another format?

This is a major coup for Sony. Does it spell the end for the Xbox consoles given that we’re still years away from downloading all our games, particularly HD games, via the web?

Let’s see what Microsoft says at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Has Sony been looking at Halo 3’s Wikipedia entry?

Great story on vnunet.com, which alleges that someone at Sony Computer Entertainment’s office in Liverpool has visited Wikipedia’s entry for Halo 3, the hugely awaited video game due to appear on Sony PS3’s rival Xbox360 console.

Over one million people have pre-ordered Halo 3, which at over ┬ú39 a pop, may even see it break movie box office records for a new release. Perhaps they’ll spend some of the profits on improving Halo3.com‘s…puzzling…but…slow…loading…website.