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Intelligent Life – the Economist’s new quarterly magazine

MediaGuardian’s blogger Jemima Kiss today provides us with some pearls of wisdom (wait…) with a minor note on new quarterly glossy Intelligent Life, the Economist’s ‘new oyster’ (see what I did there?).

Expanded from annual to a quarterly title, no doubt to exploit the current success of high-end men’s glossies, the mag will be, “looking at the ways people spend their time and money outside the office,” suggests editor Edward Carr.

Opinion on Jemima’s blog seems mixed about the GQ-me-too mag, but I’ll no doubt thumb through a copy (I’d buy it, but the cover price is no doubt me too).

I thought about picking it up it after those polite teenagers at Waitrose had given the gold covered mag a bit of prominence above GQ and Esquire.

Talking of Esquire, the UK edition’s revamp is looking great, with its new minimalist design and a polished Michelle Pfeiffer. I originally thought Waitrose had started stocking the US edition, but then spotted David Badeil on the cover. Definitely not the US edition. I didn’t even make it to his column’s headline after spotting his portrait pic – think IT engineer at a black tie Christmas party.

Read the MediaGuardian’s blog about the Economist’s ‘new oyster’